Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Melaney Ricardo Arguably More Beautiful than

Melaney Ricardo Arguably More Beautiful than Paris Hilton
                        JAKARTA - Some say, Melaney Ricardo, though his body fat after childbirth, nonetheless, is more beautiful than Paris Hilton. Yes yes lah, who said so sure of her own husband, Tyson gave birth to Chloe Valentine James.Setelah Lynch Lynch (seven months) and gained weight, Melaney beautiful nonetheless praised by her husband. If there is a hot chick, Tyson still says Melanie sexier, said presenter and comedy performers this when met by Tribunnews.com, in Jakarta, Sunday (09/23/2012). Melaney admitted fortunate and grateful that he was given a couple of Caucasians that bald-headed and dear to his wife and children are. Before I got married, I'm the same God, I'm loving man, bald. I love bald, baseball likes longish, like the Caucasians, the same fear of the Lord, 85% given the same God. So, God love me best. So, I should not complain, he said. (Ferro Maulana / Agung Budi Santoso)