Saturday, February 17, 2018

Get Colds Only Can Runner Not Until Finish Line

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Get Colds Only Can Runner Not Until Finish Line


Jakarta, Sometimes not just a severe illness condition that can prevent a runner to reach the finish line. Infectious diseases such as gastritis, flu, or even a mild runny nose may also affect. Studies by University of Pretoria researchers found that of the 240 runner samples at two marathon events, there were about two percent healthy healthy runners not reaching the finish line. That number increased to eight percent in the group of runners diagnosed with systemic disease. Also read: In Two Days, Acute Kidney Disorders As Marathes Can Be Cured Alone Meanwhile, in those diagnosed with acute illness 24 hours before the race, the number of runners who did not get to the line the end increased to about 11 percent. Senior researcher Dr. Martin Schwellnus said the study provides evidence of how any health condition that is affected will affect performance. Therefore, those who complain of having systemic symptoms such as fever, muscle and joint pain, and vomiting should be rest.Pelari without systemic symptoms only local symptoms such as clogged or runny nose can participate in the race. Just prepare to stop it when symptoms get worse or new symptoms appear, said Dr. Martin quoted from Reuters on Thursday (11/05/2017) .dr Martin said symptoms to watch out for a runner is a breath that feels more difficult, dizzy, chest pain , until the heartbeat feels fast. If it is so then stop and seek help because it can develop into serious complications. Acute illness can affect some physiological systems when we exercise, and more importantly can also lead to medical complications, said Dr. Martin.Read also: Starting Severe Dehydration, This Man Has Brain Damage (fds / vit)



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