Monday, November 7, 2016

Considering Weight Loss Help Lose Weight -

Considering Weight Loss Help Lose Weight -
 Not a few people who are overweight are reluctant to weigh in weight, for fear of seeing the numbers on the scales. In fact, considering the weight can help you lose weight.
Based on a recent study published in the Journal of Obesity, check and weigh every day can help achieve our goal which is to reduce weight.
In this study, researchers found that among people who want to lose weight, they are weighed every day and then record the results managed to lose 3% weight in a year. By comparison, people who do not weigh their weight every day saw no significant changes in body weight.
Further, they were weighed each day can also keep the weight the next year, which is very important for maintaining weight loss is much more difficult than reduce it, the researchers said.
"There are a thousand ways to lose weight. However, the problem is not lowered but how to maintain body weight is ideal, "said David Levitsky, the lead researcher and professor of nutrition at Cornell University.
In this study, the researchers told 162 people that they are allowed to undergo any diet to lose weight for a year. The aim is that they can lose 10% of initial body weight. Even so, the researchers gave the scales to 88 participants and instruct them to weigh their weight every morning and then record the results on a graph. While the remaining 74 were not given the scales and not instructed to measure their weight.
In both groups, not much can be lowered 10% weight in a year. However, those who weigh every day, she had lost more weight than those who did not. Participants were assigned weigh weight successfully lose weight as much as 9%, while the comparison group only 5%.
According to the researchers, it is unclear the reason why weigh every day can help you lose weight. However, it might make a person more aware of what he consumes, so unconsciously do things that may lose weight such as skip dessert.
Considering every day is also considered as a measure to punish the behavior of the 'blocking' of weight loss. "If we become aware of when considering what we did yesterday make weight gain, then weighed every day mean 'reinforcements' negative," says Levitsky.

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