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Toddlers Excellence Weight, Heart Disease Risk Lurking Time Adults

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Toddlers Excellence Weight, Heart Disease Risk Lurking Time Adults


Jakarta, Toddler plump indeed seem funny. But health experts cautioned that the body fat toddlers should not be maintained, but strived so heavy body was normal and balanced to avoid the risk of heart disease in the future. Heart health experts from the Harapan Kita Hospital, Dr. BRM Ario Soeryo Kuncoro, SpJP (K), FIHA, says Area 14% natural infant obesity and overweight. This prevalence is indeed going down simultaneously add the age, but the risk increases back in time over 18 years old. as well as approaching adulthood. Why is the danger? Because of the risk of thickening of the heart muscle begins even started since childhood. When on his course had been overweight, and do not naturally repair adolescence, adulthood risk of natural problems of the heart can ride over and fold, said Dr. Ario, in a media briefing World Heart Day at Wisma Harapan Kita Bidakara, West Jakarta, recently. Read also: In Obese People, Shortness of Breath There are definitely signs of disease JantungPenelitian problems risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases in children who are obese have often done. One of her children is at risk of obesity 60% have one aspect risk of heart disease among adult time. Other research also mentions blockage of blood vessels which culminated in heart attacks and coronary heart disease is often found in patients who naturally obese children is still time. Not to mention the risk of metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension who also have complications to the heart. However, Dr. Ario delivered not too late for parents to intervene. Body weight advantages child when motivated to exercise regularly and maintained diet can have a healthy body as well as the risk of disease may shrink. For adults who are overweight are also expectation is still there. Stated Dr. Ario, lower waist circumference and Body weight at any age is still have benefits for reducing the risk of heart disease than do not do anything though. Course of the disease can be stopped, for example when children are overweight but now has grown ultimately want to exercise and keep eating until normal Body weight, it is still no effect on disease risk reduction. So do not lose hope, he explained. Also read: Expert: Obesity Create Motion Lazy, Lazy Motion Create Obesity (mrs / vit)



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